Dr. Carolina Nogueira

About Hair Care Science

My name is Carolina Nogueira and I am the founder of Hair Care Science, an online platform designed for you to find a simple and safe place to be educated on hair science, hair care and hair products. 

I did my Master and PhD in the chemistry of human hair and have been working for over 20 years with leading hair care companies developing hundreds of global hair products (many of which are top brands in the hair care market).

Throughout the years, I have also seen firsthand how the impact of beautiful hair can improve someone’s self-esteem and emotions.

I understand there are so many choices on hair care and that you receive information from many sides. This can lead to confusion and bad choices that make you spend your time and money, which leads to stress; and still not get the results that you want.

With Hair Care Science, my goal is to bring trustful information to help you eliminate confusion about hair care so you can make the best choices and have consistently great hair days.

I am looking forward to embarking with you on this amazing journey!

Warm regards,
Dr. Carolina Nogueira