What are some of the pros and cons of growing out a toddler’s hair?

What are some of the pros and cons of growing out a toddler’s hair

When growing out a toddler’s hair, many aspects should be considered. The baby hair is thinner and more delicate than kids hair, and the ethnic differences on babies hair in general does not lead to different product needs. From first 2‐3 years of age, hair thickness and length rapidly increases and hair differences start to appear.

Long-hair has a preferred role in child’s world, since the princesses and other female beauties of fairy tales generally wear long hair. It may also represents parent’s investments, since long hair needs a high grooming activity as discussed in the study The long-hair effect.

In general the good side about letting toddler’s hair growing out is that it can contribute to the kids starting learn more about self care, express their interest for different hair styles and increase the bond with their parents, since more time is spent in hair grooming.

On the other hand, longer hair requires more care. Depending on the hair type, it also may be more difficult to comb and products to take care of the hair are needed (e.g. leave-in products that help facilitating comb). The parents must be careful when selecting the products, looking for hair products that are mild and designed for toddlers. You can learn more about different hair needs and hair care on my guide Inside Hair Products.

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